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Leaving K-fx2

There are times in life when things don’t go to plan. You may start a new job and then, after some time in the position, come to find that it’s just not a good fit for you. Regretfully, that’s been a recent experience of mine: I’ve decided to leave my position at K-fx2. I wish my coworkers well; they have my thanks for the experiences I had in my time there. If you are a PHP developer; live within the Lafayette, Baton Rouge, or New Orleans areas; and are looking for work, consider joining them.

As for what’s next for me, I’ve accepted a position with Synacor as a Senior Engineer on their Content Management Platform team. I will be traveling to their offices in Buffalo, NY for orientation on April 26th. The team seems excited about me coming on board and I’m looking forward to meeting them in person. If you live near the area and would like to see me while I’m in town, just let me know.

Where I’ve Been

Things have been rather busy in my life recently, even though this blog doesn’t really reflect that. I thought I’d take a short post to share with any readers who may have wondered where I’ve been the past month or so.

I changed jobs a few weeks ago and the new one has kept me fairly busy learning processes, writing proposals, and beginning to work on projects. I’m getting acclimated to actively using Zend Framework again, which I’m enjoying.

I also recently launched Phergie 2.0, which was very well-received. Moving the project over to GitHub, launching the new project web site, and helping with the first round of bug fixes has kept me busy.

The ball has started rolling on getting my book published again. The ISBN has been obtained, the last round of edits is happening now, and the digital edition should be available for sale before the TEK-X conference in May. I’m hoping to have a few dead tree copies to distribute at the conference.

Speaking of which, I’ll be speaking at TEK-X, so I’ve also been working on preparing my presentation on new SPL features in PHP 5.3. I’m planning on putting my presentation content into (fairly long and embellished) blog post form, so keep an eye out for that.

I’ve been under the weather with a cold over the past week. I’ll try to find more time to blog once I’ve recovered and things have settled down a bit.

So Long, Blue Parabola

I’ve decided to leave Blue Parabola. My last day there will be Tuesday February 16. I’d like to thank Keith Casey and Marco Tabini for choosing me to be part of the team. It’s been a privilege to work with them and I’ve learned a great deal.

As for what’s next, I’ll be starting at K-fx2. (Nope, no funemployment for me.) There, I’ll be developing Zend Framework applications and helping to streamline development processes and infrastructure.

Thanks to all my friends and family who’ve provided support during this transition. I’m looking forward to what the next year holds.