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New Article Published

Just a quickie to mention that the January 2009 issue of php|architect magazine has an article by yours truly on my experiences in taking the Zend Framework Certified Engineer exam and that I was also among the Technical Editors for the issue. I’m very glad to have contributed in my own small way to the continued success of the most awesome professional PHP publication in the industry. Grab your copy today!

Phergie on C7Y Again

Part two of the two-part article I wrote for C7Y on experiences gleaned from developing the PHP 5 IRC bot Phergie has been posted. Feel free to leave comments in the article’s forum.

Phergie on C7Y

I’ve written a two-part article for C7Y on experiences gleaned from developing the PHP 5 IRC bot Phergie. You can check out the C7Y web site for part one and expect part two to appear there next week. Feel free to leave comments in the article’s forum.

Web Scraping Article Published

Just a quick post to announce (albeit a little late) the December 2007 issue of php|architect, which includes my article on web scraping. Please buy a copy, give it a read, and feel free to post comments on the forum thread for the article. I’d love to hear some reader feedback!

You may noticed that I’ve added a new page for publications. This will become the home for any content I produce that gains any sort of recognition, be it a podcast, article, book review, presentation slides, or what have you. Anytime anything new goes there, I’ll try to make a point to write a post about it.

Article for php|architect

One of the things that has kept me away from my blog for the past few weeks is an article I’ve been working on for php|architect magazine. It should be included in the December 2007 issue and is entitled “Web Scraping.” So, if the topic interests you, keep an eye out for it. If you aren’t sure if the topic interests you, you can check out my episode on the Zend Developer Zone PHP Abstract podcast for a brief high-level description. I’ll probably post about this again once the issue comes out, but I thought I’d give a heads up to anyone out there that might buy issues of the magazine on an issue-by-issue basis.