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Running Spaz on Ubuntu Ibex 64bit

It took some digging to find it, but I finally found a way to make Spaz work on the Ubuntu Ibex installation on my Sony Vaio VGN-NR298E (with an Intel C2D 64bit processor). Up until I figured this out, I had been getting nothing but a non-responsive black box when I tried to launch Spaz.

Most of this comes from this tutorial on getting Twhirl and other AIR-based apps running on Ubuntu 64bit.

  1. Start by creating a new directory and and making it the current working directory. I just called it “Software” in my case.
    mkdir Software
    cd Software
  2. Install the AIR 1.5 SDK for Linux.
    mkdir air_1.5_sdk
    cd air_1.5_sdk
    wget -c
    bunzip2 air_1.5_sdk.tbz2
    tar -xf air_1.5_sdk.tar
    rm -f air_1.5_sdk.tar
    cd ..
  3. Install Spaz.
    mkdir SpazAIR
    cd SpazAIR
    wget -c
    unzip SpazAIR.air
    cd ..
  4. If you’re running 64bit, install the getlibs installer so you can easily get 32bit versions of libraries that AIR needs. Otherwise, skip this step. I believe the KDE equivalent to the libgnome-keyring0 package is kdewallet. Both should be installed by default on 32bit systems.
    wget -c
    chmod +x ./getlibs
    ./getlibs \
  5. Launch Spaz from the directory created in the first step.
    air_1.5_sdk/bin/adl -runtime air_1.5_sdk/runtimes/air/linux \
        -nodebug SpazAIR/META-INF/AIR/application.xml SpazAIR
  6. I didn’t find the default font used in the main tweet area to be very appealing, so I added this line to the User Theme CSS area of Settings.
    div.status-text { font-family: Tahoma; }

The only issue I ran into was receiving this error whenever I try to post: “An ActionScript error has occurred: Error #2044: Unhandled IOErrorEvent:. text=Error #2032: Stream Error.” Oddly, it doesn’t prevent posts from going through, though it is rather annoying. I have brought it up in a Spaz Google Group thread and hope to work with the developer to troubleshoot the issue further at some point in the future.