For a lot of my stuff, you can just check out my Github repo. Below are a few of the highlights.

Lafayette Traffic

A free open source native Android application that provides access to traffic incident information and traffic camera feeds for Lafayette, Louisiana and surrounding cities.


An IRC bot written in PHP 5 with an object-oriented API. Feel free to visit with me about the project in #phergie on the Freenode IRC network.

Zend Framework

I’ve made a few small contributions to this project. One is the Zend_Service_Simpy module, which wraps the REST API for the now-defunct Simpy social bookmarking service. The other is the proposal and initial code and test suite for the Zend_Service_RememberTheMilk module, which wraps the REST API for the Remember The Milk to-do list service. Lastly, I’ve reported several issues in core components and in some cases have submitted patches for bugs and new features.

Ceres Document Checker

A PHP CLI script for performing various operations on documents in the Ceres format used by php|architect. More on its design and capabilities is described in this blog post.


A set of PHP_CodeSniffer standard files for the coding standard used by the Kohana framework. More on its development in this blog post.

Spam Honey Pot WordPress Plugin

A simple WordPress Plugin that adds a hidden textarea field to its comment form to trap spam bots. More details in this blog post. I’ve been told it’s currently seeing use on, a web site run by Susan Egan and Georgia Stitt.

Send to

A PHP script that takes data sent to stdin and posts it to the pastebin site using the cURL extension. Comments at the top of the file include instructions on use from vim, but it should also be usable in any other text editors that support piping line ranges to stdout.

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