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Speaking Resources

I was fortunate enough to recently be accepted to the inaugural php[world] conference. Shortly thereafter, a friend of mine within the community inquired about submitting to and speaking at conferences. I thought I’d post the resources I shared with them here for others interested in the same topic.

Getting Accepted

Whether you’re accepted to speak involves several factors. Being known within the associated community certainly doesn’t hurt, especially for the topic you’re submitting about. However, some conferences do like to have an infusion of fresh blood sometimes, so being new can also be a good thing.

One thing that often helps is submitting several proposals to the same conference. Conferences generally try to minimize the number of speakers they accept to keep costs down, so the more talks you’re able to give, the more conducive you are to that end goal.

Also related is your distance from the conference site or, more specifically, what it will cost to physically get you there. If you’re just starting out, aim for conferences that are held within your geographical area. Try to find a local user group at which to present your session. This can help in crafting the proposal and improving the presentation itself. After you’ve done so, post the slides online. In your proposal, link to them and mention which user group received your session and when. This helps give credibility to your session and your skills as a speaker.

The quality of your proposals is also a factor. Make sure you put adequate time and focus into crafting them. Keep them concise, but mention the objectives and high-level points of your session in sufficient detail to communicate your expertise in and enthusiasm toward the subject matter. Ensure they’re relevant to the conference’s target audience. Calls for papers often mention specific topics of focus; be sure to look for and review these.


Sunshine PHP 2014

Due to uncertainties in my work schedule, I decided this year not to submit to the Sunshine PHP 2014 conference. However, the schedule turned out such that I was able to attend the conference. Many thanks to my awesome employer Blopboard for providing the time and funding to make this possible.

I was a speaker at the inaugural Sunshine PHP conference in 2013 and enjoyed that experience, but being able to just be an attendee this year was a nice change of pace. I’ve enjoyed the awesome content presented by excellent speakers.

With this year’s Sunshine PHP came a new member of the elePHPant family: Sonny, the yellow elePHPant. The process of obtaining your very own Sonny was a rather novel idea thought up by the hosts of Sunshine PHP. Attendees were given a bingo sheet where each space was branded for a sponsor and would visit the sponsor’s booth to get that space stamped. Once all spaces were stamped, you could turn in the bingo sheet to get Sonny.

In going through this process, I spoke with some very friendly guys at AppDynamics. I was able to learn more about their product, which is an alternative to the New Relic service I currently use at work for monitoring the performance of our product. I noted that AppDynamics isn’t currently listed in the Heroku add-on marketplace, but they clarified for me that it can still be installed on Heroku and pointed out related documentation.

The interaction was great and I’ll certainly be checking out the product further, but this quest to get Sonny is what instigated that conversation, which I think is awesome. Many thanks to Zend for sponsoring this fun activity within the conference.

Thanks to everyone who made Sunshine PHP a spectacular event to attend. I hope to see you again next year.

Sonny the yellow elePHPant


The OOP in PHP Slides Posted

I’ve posted the slides from my “The OOP in PHP” session that I presented at Lone Star PHP 2013. You can find them in the Publications section of this site.

Speaking at SunshinePHP

Just a quick post to announce that I’m speaking on “Database Testing for Fun and Profit” at the SunshinePHP Conference being held in Miami, Florida on February 8-9. Hope to see you there!

I am speaking at SunshinePHP. February 8th - 9th, 2013 | Miami, Florida

php|tek 2011 Slides

If you attended my sessions at the php|tek 2011 conference, thank you! I’ve linked to my slide decks below. Simply extract them and open the HTML files in any browser. Also, if you haven’t already done so, please take a moment to use the links below to leave feedback. Thanks in advance!

  • Accessing Web Resources with PHP session – slides, feedback
  • Creating Desktop Applications with Titanium and PHP session – slides, feedback
  • Introduction to Android Development unconference session – slides, comment on this blog post to leave feedback

Looking forward to php|tek 2011

It’s been a few months since I mentioned it, but php|tek 2011 is quickly closing in on us. I’ll be attending with several of my fellow Synacorians as well as giving two sessions, Accessing Web Resources with PHP and Creating Desktop Application with Titanium and PHP.

Synacor, the company I work for, is one of the sponsors for php|tek. Knowing how much we all enjoy these conferences, I encourage you to take a moment while you’re at php|tek and voice your appreciation to Synacor representatives. Also, if you’re in the market for a job, consider applying there to join me in working on cool stuff with smart people.

Lastly, consider placing this badge on your web site or blog to promote the conference.

I look forward to seeing you there.

tek Chicago May 24-27 2011 Speaker

Confoo 2011 Slides

The slides from my Confoo 2011 session “Building RESTful Web Services with Jersey” are now up in the Publications section of this site. Thanks to everyone who made the conference possible. It was an awesome experience.

php|tek 2009 Hackathon

Planning on attending php|tek 2009? Think you might like for a Hackathon to be included in the Unconference? (Or want to know more about what such an event would entail?) Please visit the tek09 Google Group Hackathon thread and post your comments and suggestions. Also, please use the address to help spread the word! Look forward to receiving your feeback.