So Long, Blopboard

I began an amazing journey with Blopboard when I joined them in October 2013. Unfortunately, it looks like that journey is coming to an end. For reasons unrelated to the quality of the team (which has been awesome) or the product (which has also been awesome), the decision has been made to cease operations at the end of June. As such, I will be investigating new employment opportunities within that time period.

I’ve published an updated version of my résumé at I’d very much appreciate it if you, my dear readers, could review it, share it on social media, and point me to anyone who may have opportunities that would be a good fit for me. It’s worth noting that I’m located in New Orleans and have obligations that will keep me there for the foreseeable future, so opportunities I’m able to consider would have to be either local or remote-friendly. Thanks in advance for your help.

Positive thoughts and moral support that have been and will be given are appreciated. Here’s to the next chapter…

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