PHP Master Published by SitePoint

I’m very happy to announce that I’ve had a second book published: “PHP Master: Writing Cutting-Edge Code.” This time, I had the honor and pleasure of co-authoring the content with my good friends and peers in the PHP community Lorna Jane Mitchell and Davey Shafik and working with the excellent team at SitePoint to make it available to you. The book covers a number of fundamental skills for professional PHP developers including web services, design patterns, security, testing, and more. If you’re in the market for such a PHP title, I encourage you to consider checking it out.


  1. Les says:

    I downloaded the sample chapters and the quality is really excellent, yourself and the other authors have done a good job, particularly for the beginner/intermediate PHP developer however… for someone who has been using PHP for a number of years I
    was (personally) expecting a write up on such tools to increase scaling options such as MongoDB?

    But as I said, it’s an excellent book (based on sample chapters) IMHO from someone developing PHP for some years for those with
    less experience (one or two years).

    Out of 5 I give 4 stars :)

  2. @Les Feel free to leave an Amazon review to that effect! ;)