Speaking at Confoo and php|tek

2011 seems to be a year of multiple firsts for me.

First, I’ve been invited to speak at Confoo. I’ve submitted there before, but this year is the first time I’ve been accepted. This will be my first trip outside of the United States, as Confoo is held in Canada, more specifically Montreal. I’ve never spoken at a conference on a topic that wasn’t PHP-related, but this time I’ll be venturing outside of my comfort zone to speak on developing REST web services with Jersey, a framework written in Java that I used as part of a work project at Synacor for the latter half of last year.

Second, I’ve also been invited back to speak at php|tek. I spoke there last year on the new SPL features available in PHP 5.3. I haven’t spoken at the same conference twice, but I’ll be happy to return to this one as I consider it one of the best PHP conferences in this hemisphere. I’ll also be giving two presentations, one on web scraping accessing web resources in PHP (thanks Cal) and the other on creating applications with Titanium and PHP.

If you plan on attending either of these conferences, please take the opportunity to say hello and introduce yourself. I look forward to seeing you!

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