Lafayette Traffic for Android Now Available!

I’ve been exploring Android development for the first time since about two weeks ago. Rather than simply puttering around with examples (though some were useful as I was learning), I decided that I would attempt to create an Android port of an existing iPhone application created by my friend Ryan Farnell. His application provides traffic information for our mutual local geographical area of Lafayette, Louisiana and the surrounding cities. He was gracious enough to provide information on his application’s data sources, which both of our applications now use: city traffic camera feeds and traffic incident reports.

Suffice it to say, I’ve learned a decent amount about Android development in these past few weeks that probably merits a post of its own, which I hope to write soon. For now, I just wanted to announce that I’ve published my application in the Android Market. You can download it free of charge, though I am also taking donations if you’d like to contribute to its future development. I’ve also published its source code on GitHub, which you can find in its repository. Bugs and feature suggestions can be submitted there.

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