“Web Scraping with PHP” Now Available in Print!

I know a number of my readers have been waiting for this announcement: my book, Web Scraping with PHP, is now available for sale in hard copy form! That’s right, you can now finally order your very own print edition copy. And if you happen to have it with you when next we encounter each other and would like me to autograph it for you, I will be most happy to do so.

To those who felt forced into buying the PDF edition to get access to the content because a print edition was not available until now, you have my most sincere and profound apologies. I wish there was something more I could have done to expedite this. I have inquired with the publisher as to whether it might be possible for you to get a print copy for the difference in what you’ve already paid versus the cost of the Print+PDF bundle. I will update this blog post if I hear any news related to this inquiry.

Again, thanks to everyone for your continued interest, purchases, and support. You’ve made all the time and energy put into this book worthwhile.

Update: If you’ve purchased the PDF-only version of the book and would like a print copy, contact the publisher and they will try to accommodate you.


  1. Robert says:

    Finally! Was really waiting for it! :D will be placing an order first thing on Monday :) yey!