“Web Scraping with PHP” Now Available!

What I’m announcing in this blog post has been in the works since early 2008 when I first pitched the idea. It was rejected by several major publishers who basically said the same thing: the idea was in too small of a niche or simply wasn’t marketable. php|architect Press respectfully disagreed with them and decided to publish what is now a book written by me that you can purchase.

It’s currently only available in PDF format due to a delay with the printer; a dead tree version should become available within the next few weeks. To my knowledge, there are plans to offer the paper and PDF bundle as has been done in the past with their other books.

Many of you reading this post probably have a personal to-do list of goals that you want to accomplish within your lifetime.  Becoming the published author of a book has been an item on my own list for some time, one that seeing this accomplishment through to its completion has helped me to cross out. I think anyone who has achieved a similar victory can relate to its significance, if only to oneself.

I do of course encourage you to purchase the book. I have no naïve notions that this will result in any substantial monetary return. Even if it did, that was not my reason for writing the book. I did it because I have knowledge that I believe is worth knowing and sharing with you. There were a number of people who contributed to this and I encourage you to read about them in the pages of the book that credit them.

It is also worth restating here that I have many family members, friends, and colleagues who helped to make this possible. There are too many to name, but I would like to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart. I consider this a milestone in my life and my only hope is that it has as profound an effect on your life as it has on my own.


  1. Lucas Araujo says:

    Man, I was waiting for such a book for a long time. I’m developing a new web service and this is exactly what I need, thanks a lot! I’m buying it right now!

    Lucas Araujo

  2. Robert says:

    Congrats on the book, awesome news!

    I just sent out an email to the boss to buy us a copy of the book, as we are doing a lot of scraping this will surely be a great resource for us :)

    Keep up the good work, cheers! :)

  3. Joe LeBlanc says:

    Congratulations Matthew! Just wait until you meet people who’ve read your book; it’s surreal ;)

  4. Congratulations! can’t wait to five it a read over the next few weeks.

  5. Cal Evans says:

    Congratulations Matthew!


  6. Harsha Yelisala says:

    Congrats Mattew, Having a book published is certainly a milestone. Good work!!

  7. Chris Jones says:

    Congrats Matthew! I’ve heard you talk about the topic over the years and know your book will help a number of people, in a niche or otherwise.

  8. Peter C. says:

    Congratulations on getting published Matthew, on to the next to-do item! Also, bravo to php|architect for stepping in where other publishers would not tread.

  9. abcphp.com says:

    “Web Scraping with PHP” Now Available! | Matthew Turland…

    What I’m announcing in this blog post has been in the works since early 2008 when I first pitched the idea. It was rejected by several major publishers who basically said the same thing: the idea was in too small of a niche or simply wasn’t marketable….

  10. ronny stalker says:

    I love the concept of it and I wish you well.
    I will buy the dead-tree version when it is published.

    I think there is a lot of scope for ‘niche books’ in programming and particularly PHP. So, I hope everyone buys 2 copies just to prove a point – we like niche!

    I’d normally stick it into my wishlist on amazon…but can’t spot it there. I trust you’ll update this post with an Amazon link when the time comes.

  11. @ronny Indeed, I’ll update as soon as I know more about its availability in hard copy form and on Amazon. Thank you for your interest! It’s good to know I have support in the community at large.

  12. seboune says:

    :hello: Matthew, i think i will buy it. Have you developped the multithreads aspect with curl for exemple? Are there many exemple in the book?
    It is possible to have a sample?
    Thanks in advance.

  13. seboune says:

    Anothers questions. Sorry :D What about Dom?
    And I d take a look at amazon, i didn’t see your book :-(
    Sorry for the flood “_”

  14. @sebourne I do have examples of executing requests in parallel with both cURL and pecl_http, yes. The book may take a while to become available on Amazon. The digital version is currently available at the link I provided in this post. I’m hoping the print version will become available within the next two weeks or so. Please watch http://phparch.com for it and thanks for your support! :)

  15. Chris says:

    Hi Matthew,
    Its a few months past May. Is the paper copy available soon? I’d be interested in purchasing the hard copy but not the PDF version at this time.

  16. @Chris I’ve written a new post to provide an update on the situation. You can read it here: http://matthewturland.com/2010/07/17/an-update-on-web-scraping-with-php/ Thanks for your support!