A Summary to End a Decade

Tonight we reach the end of the 2000s or, as some people like to call it, the “ones.” As is customary among most of my peers, I’ve reviewed last year’s summary to reflect on what I accomplished this year. So, here are the high points in no particular order.

  • Draw: The writing and technical editing for my book was done by May. The publisher was able to get it proofread, but it’s still in layout due to delays from CodeWorks and the holidays. I’m really hoping things will come together next month, but as it stands now, I’m not able to hold a copy of my book in my hands just yet. In terms of writing books, there may be new developments come next year, but I’m keeping those under wraps for now until I have more definitive news to pass along.
  • Win: A number of things changed with the Acadiana Open Source Group this year including our regular meeting format and where our web site is hosted. Additionally, we’ll be moving the meeting location to the LITE Center beginning next month, which is a very exciting development. I’m looking forward to continued success with the group as it approaches its third year.
  • Win: I published not one, not two, but three articles between the January and June issues of php|architect Magazine. I’ve also continued to serve as a Technical Editor for several issues.
  • Win: Even though I wasn’t accepted to speak at any conferences that were held this year, I did get confirmation that I will be speaking at php|tek in 2010. Given how I originally worded this goal, I’m going to call it a win.
  • Draw: I did actually purchase the MySQL Certification Study Guide, read it, schedule the test, and show up to take it. Through an error on the part of the testing provider, however, the exam was pulled prematurely and I wasn’t allowed to take it that day. In hindsight, this goal doesn’t seem as important to me now as it did when I originally set out to do it.
  • Fail: I didn’t find time to learn more about the C programming language and PHP internals to make any sort of contribution. Hopefully I can make amends on that in the coming year.

So, more successes than failures. Not too shabby, all in all. Again, there were also some accomplishments that weren’t on the list, but that I feel are significant.

  • I’ve marked the end of my first year with Blue Parabola. It’s been an interesting year and I think the coming year holds a lot of new and exciting developments. (Dun dun dun!)
  • I gave webcasts for both php|tek and CodeWorks. I’ll be giving an extended version of the latter presentation as a session at php|tek 2010.
  • I helped to organize the Hackathon at php|tek, an idea which has gone on to inspire a Hack Track at php|tek 2010. This is definitely an event to look forward to!
  • While Phergie isn’t ready for stable release just yet, I think the core is mostly done and what remains is porting plugins and fixing any issues or filling in any gaps that present themselves. In addition to wrapping that up, I also plan on getting some sort of proper web site (maybe a MediaWiki installation) up for the project this year.
  • I just barely got this in today, but I made my first contribution to the PHPUnit project in the form of a commit that adds support for the mysqldump XML format to PHPUnit’s Database extension.

Happy New Year (and Decade) everyone and I hope you have many more!

One Comment

  1. Gunnar says:

    Win: I survived
    Fail: Missed most of my MySQL tasks, and all PG… damned "real" work…
    Win: Getting a "real" work
    Fail: Learning /all/ the fun of PHP OO stuff…

    So averaged 50% – a so so year :P