ZendCon 2008 Slides Up

The slides from my talks at ZendCon 2008 are now up for your viewing pleasure. I’ll try to have the traditional conference wrap-up post up a little later on this weekend.

Creating Web Services with Zend Framework

Web Scraping


  1. zladivliba says:


    I read your work with great interest. I’m trying to setup a Zend JsonRest server to talk to a dojo JsonRestStore ; I’m struggeling to do it, I’ve spent those last 3 days trying to make this happen with no success since there’s no examples of any kind on the Internet.

    Well, one question I have is how are we supposed to connect the $server->setClass(‘myClass”) to the actions the client will make.
    I saw on your exemples that you fetch data in databases, remove items, etc. That’s exactly what I’m trying to do, however I can’t find any way to tell my dojo client to use the functions profided in myClass.

    How do we make this happen ?

  2. Unfortunately, I haven’t played with Dojo or the new integration components for it in Zend Framework yet. Sorry! I’ve got a few projects that I need to get off my plate this month. After that, I’ll try to do some research of my own and blog about it if I’m able to get something working. Please leave a comment if you beat me to it. Good luck!