Speaking at ZendCon

It appears the schedule for ZendCon is at least partly up. I’d been reserving this announcement mostly out of a personal sense of superstitution, but since it seems to be official now, so I’ll go ahead and pipe up: I’m speaking at ZendCon.

Out of four proposals, one managed to make it onto the conference schedule, and that was Pick Your Protocol: Creating Web Services with Zend Framework. It won’t be my first time at ZendCon, but it will be my first time there as a speaker. I’m looking forward to being among their ranks as well as meeting friends new and old.

See you all in September!


  1. Casey says:

    Grats Matt,

    I hope I can attend :)


  2. Julie says:

    Good for you! That’s quite an honor!

  3. Joel sonnet says:

    I’m very impressed you will be among the speakers at the conference,
    I have to say congratulations and good luck prepareing yourself for this honor.

    Joel Sonnet


  4. Thats awesome! Im happy you finally get such a great oppertunity! Make sure to tell us how it goes, wishing you the best of luck!

    Natalie Coleman