php|tek and the Conference Experience

I read the conference synopsis post that Ben Ramsey posted to his blog about php|tek 2008 and couldn’t help but feel that I would made the exact same post myself had I been able to summarize my own thoughts as well. It really was a conference focused on community and I commend both the folks over at php|architect for their hard work in organizing it and the community for bringing their own unique talents and perspectives to enhance the experience.

ZendCon was an excellent first conference for me in 2007 and it had its own focus: the enterprise. However, the community was a large part of what brought me into the PHP community and continues to keep me there today, and that was what made php|tek so special. I enjoyed the good times had with friends new and old and look forward to being in attendance at php|tek in future years.

Apologies to all that I wasn’t able to say proper goodbyes to on account of having to rush to make my flight back home. I hope everyone made it home safely and that I will see many of you at ZendCon 2008 where, with any luck, you will find me among the speakers for the first time.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming…

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  1. I can’t understand why we usually dread leaving for a conference. No matter what the topic may be you will always meet interesting people and make new friends. As well as get a change of pace from the normal everyday work week.
    Diana Presley