More SWFUpload

So I ran into a little issue with SWFUpload. The user reporting the issue was using the latest version of IE6 on Windows XP. When they clicked a button set to call selectFiles on the SWFUpload instance in use, IE would display a JavaScript error stating something to the effect of, “Exception thrown and not caught.” When I actually checked the contents of the exception instance, the actual problem was reported as “Invalid function name.”

Working my way backward through the chain of execution, I could see that IE recognized selectFiles. At this point, I thought to check the Adobe Flash Player version to ensure that it matched the version of the SWFUpload Flash component that I was running. Sure enough, it was outdated. Once I installed version 9 and restarted IE, everything worked as expected.

I haven’t tried this on IE7 under a pre-9 Flash Player version (and in fact I’m not entirely certain you can get an older version of Flash Player that will run under IE7), so this may or may not also be possible under IE7 as well as IE6. If you want to test for the issue, simply catch any exception thrown when called selectFiles and alert the user accordingly.


  1. chun says:

    I’m getting the same problem in IE7 and Firefox when trying to get the simple demo working. Have the latest flash player installed (9,0,124,0). Keeps throwing the exception when I try to call selectFiles (or any method).

  2. You should check if the flashfile is sucessfully loaded… happened to me because I forgot to setup the htaccess to exclude swf files…