New Job

I’ve been working full-time for METHODS Technology Solutions, Inc. for roughly a year at this point. My coworkers are bright and insightful, the environment is relatively lax, and the job has had its share of challenges. Oracle, while I like it well enough as a database, has not proven to be my development platform of choice. The commute and unpredictability of traffic tends to make for long days and more time away from my family. In short, while it was certainly a good job and I’d highly recommend the company as a potential employer to anyone who asked, it wasn’t the best possible fit for me.

So when I received a copy of an ad placed by surgiSYS LLC for a LAMP Developer, as hesitant as I was to change jobs, I went ahead and sent in an inquiry. Two interviews later, I received an official offer, accepted, and turned in my notice. I will officially start there as of February 18th. The company has a Lafayette office right next to the university my wife attends and where my children attend daycare. It will give me the ability to be closer to my family than I’ve been able to in some time.

Some of my goals involve continuing to attend conferences, get published, and stay active in the PHP community. Because these goals are very relevant to my performance at surgiSYS, I believe they’ll make it a point to support me in my endeavors. The LAMP platform was always my first love and I’ll be happy to return to it. I look forward to the changes and challenges this will bring and I thank my family and friends for their support in making this decision. Wish me luck!


  1. LornaJane says:

    Good luck! I know the reduced commute alone will make a big difference to your quality of life, but it sounds like the job is a great move too :)

  2. Casey aka AT says:

    Hey Matt, thought about some scraping today which made me think about you. Checked out your site to find that your life might get easier. Grats man.

    Good luck in whatever you do.

  3. Location, Location, Location. Time is money and too much money goes to the purchasing of these ridiculous gasoline prices that we are having to deal with, in these unpredictable days.
    Good luck with the new job, hopefully it will be an adventure that will provide you with many interesting benefits along the way!

  4. Location, Location, Location!
    That is what it is all about these days and it looks like you have hit the Jack-Pot! Best of luck with your new exciting adventure with a great new position with a dynamite company.