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I noticed that one of the feeds I read regularly, Gadgetopia, did a post recently on popular posts of last year by visits and comments. I thought that was rather neat and, being that I’m also a user of Google Analytics, I thought I’d do the same. I’ve already been looking in on my traffic over time since I launched the blog and have found the results rather surprising.

Top Posts By Visits

  1. Supporting Hierarchical Data Sets
  2. Pondering PHP 6
  3. PHP Abstract Episode 22: Screen Scraping
  4. Log Analysis and PHP
  5. The Acme of Skill

Hierarchical data sets was a very hot topic, so I’ll definitely make it a point to post about that. At some point I’d like to examine how a nested set implementation performs against Oracle’s own hierarchical functions. And I know I still owe you a post on why NULL in Oracle scares me.

I’ve noticed a lot of people seem to be inquiring about PHP 6 on IRC, perhaps partly because PHP 4 is on the way out. PHP 6 is vaporware at this point, people. There’s no official ETA. As the internals people like to say, it’ll be out WIR (When It’s Ready). If you want to put your energy toward something more constructive, monitor internals and get clued into the features that will show up in 5.3, as I’m sure that will be out significantly sooner.

I’m not including my code page in the above list, but it actually got more traffic than the #3 post. Most of that is due to the plug on paste2.org for my PHP script to submit to it and output the resulting URL. It’s usable from any text editor that supports piping a line range to stdout, though I’ve only tested it with vim. Have a look if you like; it might prove useful to you.

Top Posts By Comments

  1. Supporting Hierarchical Data Sets
  2. The Acme of Skill
  3. There and Back Again – A Conference Tale
  4. Pondering PHP 6
  5. Log Analysis and PHP

Not surprisingly, there was a good bit of overlap with the previous list. I did get a few recommendations for conferences in #3, so that might be worth a look if you haven’t attended a conference before. One thing I would like to hear in regard to this is opinions on the best conferences for networking and for supporting speakers. Both, particularly the latter, are interests of mine that I’d like to pursue this year. Feel free to leave a comment if you have conferences you’d like to encourage me to attend.

Thanks to all you readers for making 2007 a great year!

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  1. Adam says:

    PHP 6 should be awesome! Even 5.3 at that.