Bidding Farewell to the Cardboard Crack

Those of you who know me well probably know that I had an unfortunate case of serendipity recently. I spend approximately three to four hours each weekday commuting for my job. The interstate, of course, is not the safest place in the world to drive. A few weeks ago, a tire tread came off of a truck with me behind it. I didn’t have enough time to avoid the tread before running over it, causing one end to snap back and do about $1,600 worth of damage to the body.

It’s not enough to render the car unfit for the road, but it is enough to prevent it from passing inspection, which became overdue as of the first of this month. As someone who’s been ticketed for that offense once in the past, I can say it’s not a cheap ticket. The car has also been hurting for an oil change, alignment, and new set of tires, which all got done this past weekend and will make for a very tight budget between now and next payday.

So, it appears that my attempts at saving for ZendCon will be going toward car repairs instead. Additionally, since I haven’t really been doing much with them anyway, I’m selling my Magic: The Gathering card collection off on eBay. In order to optimize their chances at selling, I’m auctioning off the rares, uncommons, and commons/lands in separate auctions. If you enjoy the game and would like to give me a hand through this difficult period, please place a bid.

Also, you might have noticed that there’s a new wishlist section in my navigation. It’s configured to credit my Amazon Associate account for any purchases made by following the link in that section. If you’re planning on buying anything you happen to see in that section anyway, please consider doing so from my blog. As they say, every little bit helps…

And now back to your regularly scheduled programming…

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  1. Damn that sucks darlin… So wanted to see you at Zend Con. I’ll save your phpc shirt though :)